lunedì, maggio 06, 2013

born with the new moon

The sun-moon relationship is one of the most important to consider because they are both visible in the heavens and earth because accompany the existence of men in their way and change that represent the seasons (sun) and the moons. The lunation is the representation of the synergy and dialogue Sun-Earth-Moon, in the Trinity being that is physical-energy-spirit looking for that dynamic where each part being can manifest his potential in harmony with the whole.
In this vision, to be born in the size of a certain phase of the lunation cycle, has an important meaning that there indicates a cyclical pattern that gives the individual a clear predisposition. Dane Rudhyar speaks in this sense of lunation birthday.

Those born with the new moon tend to be very subjective, impulsive and emotional towards the experience and especially in relationships. This causes some confusion because the tendency is to live themselves more than the reality of the other but much will depend on the analysis of the overall picture, however, of being that can be strongly characterized by a predominant moon.
In general, individuals who are living symbols, dreams and ideals that are trying to impress upon the world. Examples are S. Freud and K. Marx, Queen Victoria, Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross).
Those born with the phase of the New Moon are the seeds of the company which, in overcoming the confusion, the new spread through the sacrifice of a life for an ideal, a dream and a principle that will become a gift to humanity.

To calculate the phase of the Moon Birth:

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