giovedì, maggio 09, 2013

exercises for the new moon and solar eclipse

The eclipse concerns the entire planet even though it is visible only to those who are at the point where it occurs, this is because we are an interconnected network of thoughts, forms of energy and any event.

For this event, we propose two exercises.

The first is the method

I leave with my arms as in position 4, and then inhaling raise your arms upward by drawing an imaginary circle, joining the fingertips (fingertips). Now I have to exhale and touch your wrists inward, forming a cup with my hands. Inhale deeply again, returning to the position 1 for exhale returning to the starting position which is also closing (4). The movement is slow, the exercise you can do from now up to three times a day.

VEN (display light energy)

To do this exercise you have to get a bulb like this:

This light must be placed in front of you, above or in front of your eyes.
When you decide to do the exercise, drink a glass of water and relax with some deep breaths.
Now observe the light for a few minutes until you see a circle appear almost blue in color on the light. So close your eyes, putting your hands over your eyes. You will see a yellow light very powerful in your eyes. It 'a light field that awakens your perceptual fields and your creative mental energy.
Now your hands away but remains with his eyes closed. You can see that the light becomes dark in a field of vision that is clearer. This is the eclipse, you have to separate yourself from what is no longer useful in your life, you will show this thought to your mind.
Now approaching his hands back on your eyes. Proceed in this way, alternating until the bright or dark dot not disappear.

This exercise brings awareness about ending those paths and experiences that are blocking you in your life.

Thank you for your participation

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