martedì, maggio 07, 2013

Exercises for the preparation of the new moon (+ solar eclipse)

These days are those that precede the new moon that will enhance the planning phase of each individual, when used in a conscious way can lead the premise of a successful implementation. We are in the end of the process of the waning moon, each toxin whether it is physical or energy, should be discarded, one must leave the “field” empty. How else could create the new, novelty, creation?

In order to stimulate proper absorption of the energy of the new moon, we can do a visualization exercise efficiency. This consists of the observation of the visual field, without the use of the imagination or the alpha waves.
Try to isolate yourself in a quiet place where you can relax for a few minutes before you start exercising. Drink a glass of water and then sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight and eyes closed.
Take a deep breath, relax.
When you're relaxed, look inside your eyes: this is the field of view, the field where you can observe your energy. Even if it all seems dark, there are lights, flashes, maybe the colors. While you're relaxed look in your field of vision yellow and observe the shape, shade, try to follow its movement and its dynamics.
This exercise re-establishes the link with the creative line individually. We can do this exercise until Sunday evening. During the night, the consciousness can communicate through dreams interesting ideas.

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